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3..2..1...and we're live!

It is with great excitement that we launch our new webpage! This site shall hopefully serve as our home-platform to share news, links to content, and much more with all of you!

My name is Flannery (see my underwhelmingly boring bio under the "Who We Are" tab)! I'm the lead designer/media manager for the NerdLodge. I joined the lodge after its founding, and I'm excited to be the chick in the chair...typing away and editing the site, etc.

Speaking of which, the site is still undergoing development, and more content will be added soon! Please bear with us while we settle into our new website~

We look forward to creating content to share!

As of current, we've got lots of projects and contents in the works. Take a peek below:

- Videos and Streams

* Seal Team Dix: Let's Play | Rainbow Six: Siege

* Unnamed Fate : Let's Play | Destiny 2

* A Boy, A Girl, & A Ferret : Slice of Life | Random Shenanigans

- Blog Posts on Tips & Tricks

Please expect our new goodies well as we are making them with love and excitement just for you!

Signing off,



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12 jul 2019

First!~ :)

Me gusta

Test comment!

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